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Update: Access to 300,000 e-books

+ Social sciences, economics, psychology: Kohlhammer

It offers access to around 4,000 e-books from the publisher Kohlhammer. The main subject areas are social and economic sciences, psychology and education, as well as law, history and linguistics. This offer ends on 31.12.2026.

+ Humanities und Social Sciences: Taylor & Francis

It offers access to around 72,000 e-books published by Taylor & Francis. Titles from the publication years 2011 - 2022 as well as new publications from 2023 and 2024 have been activated. The main subject areas are a variety of subject areas from the humanities and social sciences, including history, politics, sociology, psychology and economics. This offer ends on 31.12.2024.

+ Natural sciences, social sciences and economics: Springer Verlag

The service offers access to around 70,000 e-books from 21 English-language e-book packages from Springer Verlag published between 2016 and 2023. The focus is on the natural sciences, but also psychology, social sciences and economics.
The e-books from the above-mentioned packages are made permanently available.

+ Architecture, art, design, economics and social sciences, technology: Content Select and De Gruyter

Access to around 25,000 e-books from the provider Preselect. The publishing platform Content Select publishes e.g. Beltz, Campus, Haufe Lexware, Lambertus, O'Reilly, Gabal and thus focuses on the social sciences, technology and computer science.

It also has access to around 85,000 e-books from the academic publisher De Gruyter. Publishers such as De Gruyter, transcript, Birkhäuser and DETAIL publish on this platform, with a focus on architecture, art, design, economics and social sciences.

Both offers end on 31.12.2026.


An additional 300,000 e-books are now available to students.

With the E-Books.NRW initiative, the Ministry of Culture and Science is providing a total of 40 million euros for e-book licenses until 2026 to support students and universities in North Rhine-Westphalia in their digital teaching activities.

As the central service point for university libraries, the University Library Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia acquires state-wide license packages and makes these licenses available to the universities.

It will not be possible to finance these services beyond the specified periods from the university library's budget.


The complete press release of the ministry at: