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Do you need something that we don't have in stock?
Or all copies are on loan?
Would you like to have a title as an e-book?

Then we look forward to your acquisition suggestion!

Valid library card from the university library.
So please include your library account number.​

​We primarily buy media that you need for your studies or your work at the university. These can be printed books, but also e-books, learning programs, collections of materials on DVD, etc.

The desired medium is usually available within approx. 14 days - if it is available in German bookstores. A license as an e-book can be made available even faster if necessary. In individual cases, however, the order may take longer.

Your advantage: You will be notified of your purchase by e-mail. We will also notify you by e-mail when the item is ready for you to borrow or when the e-book has been activated.

Special case: Payment from individual budget, project or external funds

As a rule, the university library pays for literature from its budget that university members need for their studies or work.

In exceptional cases, however, payment may also be necessary from the lecturer's individual budget or from project or external funds. This is the case, for example, if the requested literature is really only of interest to you alone and does not fit into the university library's collection at all. Or, for example, the literature is only
explicitly for a project and is not to be included in the university library's collection.​

Acquisition proposals by form
or by e-mail to: erwerbung.bibliothek@hs-duesseldorf.de.

Alternative to the acquisition proposal = literature research

A literature search for journal articles and/or book chapters is often a real alternative if there are too few books on a topic in the university library collection.

Please contact us!​
We will be happy to assist you with your research and show you all the options.

​​​The acquisition proposals are also financed with the help of quality improvement funds.

In these special cases, you can also submit the purchase proposal via web form or e-mail.

In this case, we require the following additional information:

  1. ​Procurement from the individual budget: Cost center of the faculty/ department/ institution
  2. Procurement from project or external funds: Cost center of the research or external funded project or research focus
In principle, the procurement guidelines​ and Circular 11/2013​ apply here.

​ Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions about media acquisition, we will be happy to help you during our service hours: