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E-books: Instructions

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​​​​Has the BIB licensed a specific e-book?

Search for the desired e-book in the: Catalog Plus

Restrict the search to the format "Electronic resource" and only the e-books that the BIB has already licensed will be displayed in the "Catalogue" tab.​

Has the BIB licensed e-books from a particular publisher or platform?

Our database list gives you an overview of the publishers or platforms from which we have licensed e-books:

Database list > E-books

Has the BIB licensed e-books for a specific subject area?

If you would like to concentrate on a specific subject area, use our subject overview and restrict your search to the keyword "e-books":

Database list > Subject overview​

What are the technical requirements for using e-books?

As a rule, e-books can only be used on the university network.

E-books can only be accessed from home if you have authorized yourself for the university network (e.g. via EZproxy). 
The technical options available depend on the provider. Further information can be found in the respective database description.

For external users,​ the e-books can usually only be used in the university library.

All information on the terms of use of the e-books (download options, printing, registration, digital lending, etc.) can be found in the respective database description.​


Are you missing certain e-books? We are happy to receive acquisition suggestions.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the:

University Library Information Desk​
Phone +49 211 4351-9240


Thanks to the E-Books.NRW initiative, the University Library can offer access to numerous platforms. Find out more in our latest news​.​

Why and why not? - Often asked:

Why are not all e-books available on one platform?

Rarely are all e-books from a publisher or platform licensed. 

The HSD BIB buys licenses for individual titles or so-called packages (e.g. Springer publisher, technology package, German-language).

This means that often only individual titles are activated for research. If you also require an e-book, please contact us.  

Why doesn't BIB buy individual licenses at a reasonable price?

Individual licenses are intended for private individuals. As an institution, the university library purchases so-called campus licenses for an e-book.

This means that e-books can be used by everyone on the campus network. Special license conditions with special prices are associated with this.

These prices differ from those offered in the book trade catalogs for end users. These individual licenses can only be used by a private individual.

Why doesn't the BIB offer my textbook as an e-book?

First of all, not all titles are available as e-books. Older titles in particular are not available.

In addition, an economic solution must always be found, as some e-books cost up to ten times as much as a print copy. Here, the BIB has to weigh up which access it provides.

But we are happy to check whether we can license a particular e-book. Please contact us.

Why can't I download the complete e-book as a pdf file?

The publisher determines on which platform it offers the e-book. And the chosen platform has different specifications regarding download options, printing and saving.

We try to provide the best accessibility with the best rights management for every e-book.​

Why is the e-book only available from Ebook Central (EBC) with digital lending?

The publisher decides on which platform it makes its e-books available.

Some publishers only offer their e-books via Ebook Central. In this case, we are bound by the conditions of digital lending.

However, for each title we check whether there are alternative accesses and try to make these available.